Mastering Necklines: Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect One for Your Figure and Face Shape

Figure and Face Shape

Choosing the right neckline or neckline suited to your figure and face shape is essential. Indeed, correctly chosen, the neckline will draw attention to your face as well as highlight or hide certain parts of your anatomy. The neckline is clearly one of the best tools for having impeccable style. This is why evaluating the different existing necklines and choosing the one(s) adapted to your figure is of capital importance if you want to look absolutely remarkable. 

When you choose a dress, a top or a simple T-shirt, it is often the neckline that highlights your figure or, on the contrary, highlights your small flaws. 

Choose the right neckline and you will appear taller, slimmer, more elegant… But then, what is the secret? How do we determine which neckline is suitable for our needs? To find the perfect neckline, you need to take into account the size of your bust, the length of your neck, your height and the shape of your face. 

Blindly following fashion and trends when choosing a dress is a mistake that many women make . Ignoring some basic neckline rules can, in fact, ruin the effect of the dress you want to buy. 

Above all, when you want to be sure to choose the right neckline cut, you must take into account the shape of your figure. Do not hesitate to browse our guide to know your body shape and the tips for having an impeccable look by highlighting your assets.

To be sure to buy a garment with a suitable neckline, you must take into account details as varied as they are important such as the size of your chest, the shape of your face and your jaw, the presence or absence of a double chin etc… 

To help you, Mademoiselle Grenade guides you and gives you the main guidelines so that you will know in the future how to determine which necklines will work best with your figure .


How to choose a suitable neckline or the right neckline? 

Generally speaking, to choose the right neckline or neckline, you must take into account the shape of your face as well as that of your build or body type. Thus, to soften square, angular or triangular features, it is preferable to opt for rounded necklines (round, oval, U-shaped, etc.). Conversely, if you have a round face, favor V or square necklines and necklines.

Here is a summary of the different necklines as well as their advantages and disadvantages. 


What is a crew neckline?

This classic, simple, close-to-the-face shape is ideal for women with a long neck, narrow face, small or medium bust, and broad or sloping shoulders. 

Women with large breasts will probably want to avoid wearing clothes with a crew neckline . This is because this neckline decreases the amount of exposed skin between the chin and chest and, therefore, creates the illusion of a shorter neck and fuller chest. 

Crew necklines are ideal for the following body types: 

– Hourglass shape 

– Pyramid morphology 

– Rectangular morphology

– Round morphology 

Avoid this neckline if: 

 – You have a face with a square jaw. This neckline will make your face appear wider. 

– You have a round face. As with square faces, the crew neckline tends to maximize the roundness of your face. 

How to wear the crew neckline?  

This simple neckline doesn’t require much. Combine it with a pair of discreet earrings and a few embellishments near the neckline for a perfect look. 


What is a boat neckline? 

Nautically inspired, this wide neckline forms a straight line from the joint of one shoulder to that of the opposite shoulder, passing just below or above the collarbone. It is ideal for drawing the eye to your shoulders. Graceful neckline, it balances silhouettes with wide hips and thin shoulders. The boat neck is also ideal for silhouettes with a thin or short neck as well as for women with a little stomach or a large bust because it draws the eye towards the collar. 

Boat necklines are ideal for the following body types: 

  • Hourglass shape, 
  • Pyramid morphology
  • Rectangular morphology

Generally speaking, if your chest is small and your shoulders are narrow, this is the neckline that suits you.

Avoid this neckline if:

  • You are small. The boat neck can make you look shorter and stockier.
  • You have broad or square shoulders. 

How to wear the boat neckline?

Spark interest by wearing your boat neck tops and dresses with long layered necklaces or a statement pendant.


What is a V-neck or V-neckline?

The V-neck is a neckline whose shape has, on the front, the graphic of the letter V. A V-neckline is a very popular neckline that suits all women. Indeed, anyone can look great in a V-neck. The key to wearing this classic and versatile neckline is choosing the depth of the V that best suits your bust size. Therefore, smaller busts should choose a neckline that is not too deep. On the other hand, voluptuous figures can wear a deep V neckline in order to lengthen and balance it. The V-neck catches the eye and balances the shoulders and bust while elongating the neck. If your neck is already quite long, you can add a camisole underneath to minimize the impact of the V-neckline.

V-shaped necklines are ideal for the following body types: 

Because it gives a vertical impression to the outfit worn, the V-neckline can give the illusion of a slimmer, elongated and taller silhouette. Adapted to all body types, the V-neck can, depending on the depth chosen, create a balanced look.

A V-neckline is particularly recommended for silhouettes with broad shoulders as well as for people who have a large bust or a very short neck. But, overall, depending on the amount of neckline, whether you are petite, skinny or curvy, the V-neck flatters and suits all body shapes.

V-neck necklines are also recommended for wide, round and square faces because its shape elongates that of the face.

Avoid this neckline if: 

– You have a long face. The V-neckline will only elongate your facial features.

How to wear a V-neckline?

Choose a necklace with a contrasting shape, such as a round pendant or pearl necklace, and make sure it sits well above or well below the point of the V.


What is a square neckline?

The square collar is a neckline whose shape, on the front, evokes that of a square or rectangle. This neckline falls straight and visually cuts the bust. This is a perfect style for women with large busts as well as those with small busts. However, it is not recommended for women with a square face because it will look too masculine. 

Square necklines are ideal for the following body types:

  • Pyramid morphology

If you are a woman with a small neck and narrow shoulders, this type of neckline will help elongate your neck. Furthermore, if you have a round face or a pyramid shape, a square neckline will help you rebalance the lines of your face as well as those of your silhouette. Finally, the square neckline is ideal for women with large busts because it offers sophisticated structure to the neckline without revealing too much.

Avoid this neckline if:

  • You have square shoulders
  • A square face

How to wear the square neckline?

Opt for a round necklace or pendant to balance and harmonize the shape of your neckline.



What is a dancer neckline?

The dancer’s neckline is a very low-cut rounded neckline which owes its name to the leotard worn by dancers.  

Dancer necklines are ideal for the following body types: 

  • Hourglass body shape
  • Pyramid morphology

This simple cut neckline is very flattering and suits almost any figure. Very low-cut, this wide and deep neckline elongates the neck and highlights the collarbones. Whether you are short or tall, this neckline will suit you. The dancer collar works particularly well on people with narrow shoulders. Indeed, this neckline balances the flaws as well as the proportions. 

Avoid this neckline if:

  • You have a childish or very athletic figure 
  • You have very little chest
  • You have a narrow face and very thin 

How to wear the dancer neckline?

Accompany your ballerina collar tops or dresses with this neckline with a necklace that follows its flared shape. Lightweight, layered necklaces or earrings won’t compete with your neckline and can even create an elongating effect that’s ideal if you’re petite.


What is a halter or halter neckline?

The halter neckline is made up of two triangular points of fabric, of varying width depending on the desired effect. These cutouts run along the chest to the back of the neck. Sometimes the halter neckline is made from a single piece of fabric that is attached or tied using a cord or tie at the back of the neck.  

Halter necklines are ideal for the following body types:

  • Hourglass body shape

The halter neck looks great on petite as well as average-sized women. As this very glamorous collar emphasizes bare arms and shoulders, it is especially recommended for toned silhouettes.  

Avoid this neckline if: 

  • You have a descending shoulder line
  • Broad or square shoulders

If you have strong arms, broad shoulders or a large chest, avoid wearing a halter dress or top. Indeed, this neckline will tend to make you appear wider than you are. 

How to wear the halter neck or halter neck?

No collar is necessary with this particular neckline. Opt for a pair of statement earrings or, more simply, let that dramatic neckline speak for itself.



What is a sweetheart neckline?

This neckline has a neckline whose shape, on the front, evokes the graphic design of the upper part of a heart. This very feminine neckline is mainly associated with strapless, off-the-shoulder dresses. However, some clothes with long sleeves and thin straps can also feature a sweetheart neckline. This neckline shape is mainly found on wedding dresses and evening dresses but is increasingly found on casual clothing such as tank tops or feminine tops. 

 Sweetheart necklines are ideal for the following body types:

– Hourglass shape

– Pyramid morphology 

– Inverted pyramid morphology 

– Rectangular morphology

– Round morphology

The sweetheart neckline adapts very easily to all body shapes and sizes. It is suitable for small breasts as well as medium or larger breasts. Small women with small chests and narrow shoulders will opt for this heart-shaped neckline to appear more voluptuous. Finally, the vertical hollow of this neckline visually elongates the face and balances the proportions of the silhouette of the wearer. 


What is a keyhole neckline?

The “keyhole” neckline is very similar to the halter (or halter) neckline except that the converging diagonal lines meet at the base of the neck to form a small slit similar to the shape of a keyhole. This very versatile neckline can have several shapes: it can appear in the form of a discreet slit on a top or a dress or adopt a more or less significant oval or round shape, closed by a seam, a tie or tie. a fastening system (button, clip, etc.). 

Correctly positioned, this opening can give the impression of wearing jewelry and, depending on the height where it is located, this opening can reveal more or less of the neckline. 

Keyhole necklines are ideal for the following body shapes:

Keyhole necklines can be tailored to most body shapes and women of all ages. The effect depends on the height at which the opening is located. If you have a small chest, this neckline can magnify your neckline and offer an illusion of volume. 

Avoid this neckline if:

You have a round body shape and a voluminous chest. Indeed, located on a voluminous chest, this keyhole neckline could harm your elegance by revealing a little too much of your chest. 


In conclusion : 

There are many other shapes of necklines and this list cannot be exhaustive, however, we have no doubt that this guide will be able to direct you to the shapes adapted to your face and your body shape. You should now be able to find the perfect top or dress to flatter your figure as well as your facial features.